Bay control REC 670

8787 USD




Features • A control, protection, and monitoring IED with extensive functional library and configuration possibilities and expandable hardware design to meet specific user requirements • For all types of busbar arrangements • Control functionality with upto 30 controllable apparatuses • Type tested interlocking for single, double and one- and a half breaker arrangements • High impedance differential protection for tee-feeders • Synchrocheck and dead-line check function for single- or multi-breaker arrangements: - Selectable energizing direction - Two functions with built-in voltage selection - For automatic or manual synchrocheck and with different settings • Auto-reclosing function for single- two-, and/or three-phase reclosing: - Two functions with priority circuits for multi-breaker arrangements - Co-operation with synchrocheck function - Can be switched On-Off from remote through communication or with local switches through binary inputs • Selectable additional software functions such as breaker failure protection for each breaker, voltage protection, thermal protection, control and monitoring • Built-in data communication modules for station bus IEC 61850-8-1 • Data communication modules for station bus IEC 60870-5-103, LON and SPA • Remote end communication function with capability for 192 binary signals • Integrated disturbance and event recorder for up to 40 analog and 96 binary signals • Time synchronization over IEC 61850-8-1, LON, SPA, binary input or with optional GPS module • Analog measurements accuracy up to below 0.5% for power and 0.25% for current and voltage and with site calibration to optimize total accuracy • Versatile local human-machine interface • Extensive self-supervision with internal event recorder • Six independent groups of complete setting parameters with password protection • Powerful software PC tool for setting, disturbance evaluation and configuration • Remote end data communication modules for C37.94 and G.703