RED670 - Transmission line differential protection





For maximum reliability of your power system The RED670 IED (Intelligent Electronic Device) is designed for protection, monitoring and control of overhead lines and cables. In addition, this IED is capable of handling transformer feeders, generator and transformer blocks. It provides an extensive functionality with configuration opportunities and expandable hardware to meet your specific requirements. The RED670 IEDs are delivered pre-configured, type tested and set with default parameters for fast and efficient commissioning. These IEDs are equipped with complete functionality adapted for single pole breaker or multi-breaker arrangement with single or three phase tripping. If needed, they can also be easily adapted to meet the specific requirements of your power system. The wide application flexibility makes these IEDs an excellent choice for both new and retrofit installations. The RED670 IEDs feature phase-segregated current differential protection with excellent sensitivity for high resistive faults and secure phase selection for up to five line terminals. Two- or three-winding power transformers can be included in the protected zone.