BERGER LAHR WS 5-9.08100 Servo Motor Controller

1450 USD




General Description 1.1 Construction and Characteristics Construction The power drive WS5-9 has the following components (Figure 1-1): • Current selection switch for selecting the motor phase current; • Parameter switch for selecting the functions: current zero-setting, boosting, current reduction, rotation direction, step angle; • Voltage switch between 115 V AC and 230 V AC; • LED display for signalling of faults; • Signal connection for driving of the power unit; • Motor connection for a 5-phase stepping motor; • Mains connection for the power supply (115 / 230 V AC); • Fasteners at the back of the equipment for fixing to mounting rails. Characteristics The power drive WS5-9 has been designed to be fixed to a mounting rail, i.e.: • the equipment can be fixed to a mounting rail (TS 35 x 15) by means of the fasteners. • all the operating controls, indicators and connections are located on the front panel of the equipment.